Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bubble Ball soccer and general play safe?  ABSOLUTELY - you are protected by the giant ball itself so it's very safe to play.  As with any physical sport there is an inherent risk and you will be required to sign a Waiver and Release before playing.  With our professionally trained staff, safety is our number priority.

If I have a medical condition, can I still play?  If you have a history of back, neck, or heart problems, you're sick, or any person who is pregnant, should not get into a bubble.  Bubble soccer is a very physical and tiring, yet fun activity. Besides having to get back up from bumping with others, you may find yourself upside down from time to time.

What can I expect?  A lot of fun, bouncing, falling, flipping and laughing.

How much do the bubble ball suits weigh?  The inflated balls weigh approx. 23 lbs. each so be prepared to sweat, but it's the most fun workout you'll ever have!

Are there age and height restrictions?  The minimum age is 10 years old, and you must also be at least 4' 9" tall.

What kind of shoes should I wear?  For both indoor and outdoor play you should wear regular tennis shoes/sneakers or rubber turf shoes.  Cleats of any kind are not permitted.

Is the ball completely enclosed?  No, it is not. There is a hole to get the bubble on and off.


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