At any of our Bubble Ball events, you'll have to opportunity to choose the games and activities for your group! Below are some of our most popular options - or you can come up with an entirely unique Bubble Ball game!

Bubble Soccer

Exactly how it sounds! Two teams of players challenge each other in a game of soccer, but with slightly different rules. In Bubble Soccer, there are no goalies, no offsides, and (almost) no rules. Bumping into other players is encouraged, unlike in traditional soccer where it is considered a foul.

Bubble Football

One player from each team is the "football". The way to win is to get your football teammate into the other team’s end zone while keeping the other team’s “football” out of your end zone.

Capture the Flag

Two teams compete against one another to be king of the flag. The goal is to get the other team’s flag and bring it back to your base without getting knocked off your feet.


This is an individual "every person for themselves" type of game! Every player starts inside the circle and the goal is to be the last person inside the circle after bumping all the other players out.


Two players work together as a team! One player is in the ball while the other player rolls the ball across a finish line on the opposite end of the playing field.


Every round of the game, a different player will be named the "juggernaut". The goal is to knock the juggernaut over. If any of the non-juggernaut players get knocked down, they must join the juggernaut. Each side will decrease/increase with players accordingly!


One-vs.-one sumo-style game! Two players face-off across a circle and work to force the other out of the ring. Winner can stay on and face a new opponent, or new pairs can cycle in!


Take it back to elementary school! Form teams, lining in a chain across from one another. Teams take turns calling opposing players and challenging them to run over. The person called runs to the other line and attempts to break the chain. If the person called fails to break the chain, this player joins the team that called Red Rover. But, if the player successfully breaks the chain, he may capture either of the two players whose link was broken by the dash, and bring them back to his original team!


Another elementary school favorite! Decide who is "it" will all other players scatter, trying to avoid getting tagged. If a player is tagged (or knocked over by the "it" bubble), that player now becomes "it". You can also play freeze tag-style!